Or why create a personal brand with me?

Does this sound like you:

  • You have no idea which social media platform to use and what makes for a good post

  • You have a limited budget to spend on promotion

  • You feel uncomfortable putting the spotlight on yourself

  • You want to avoid tiring family and friends out by constantly talking about your next project

  • You are overwhelmed by all the advice available online on promoting your work, including how to write a press release or create a communications strategy

Through my consulting service, I would like to work with you to help you achieve the following:

  • Figure out your unique story as a creator to define your personal brand and the themes that connect your work

  • Establish a built-in audience for your current and future work, so that you are not starting from scratch each time you finish a project

  • Empower you to think outside the box about promotional tools and techniques and help make promoting your work part and parcel of the creative process

  • Define your financial and career goals for each project


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