Don’t Rely on the Behemoths

I have been advised of this and I have heard it before in creator circles, to avoid exclusively developing a following on any one social media platform, such as YouTube or Instagram.  When you are a creator limited in resources and time, though, where else are you supposed to turn?  After all, these platforms are free to use and they are where most audiences are turning to to find information.

The advice I have heard time and again is to instead focus on curating an email mailing list.  This is the clearest and most obvious way to control how your information gets directed outward, without being subject to ever-changing algorithms that increasingly prioritize either extreme or mainstream forms of content (ie what is monetizable).

I have taken this advice into account (hence this email mailing list), but I have still found it difficult to not look to social media when promoting work and building a “brand”, including when working with clients.  But when I came across this article examining how drastically YouTube has veered away from its roots supporting its original creator community, I realized more than ever the value of fostering your own audience, independent of social media platforms.

I don’t have any answers yet, but this is something I am going to be mulling in the next few weeks, to consider what creators can do to better take matters into their own hands.  In the meantime, I would suggest that you continue to focus on building relationships with your audience; stay on social media, but also look to a mailing list and connecting with people in person.  Keep your name out there, front and centre.