How to Identify the Story That Will Market Your Work

Updated: Jan 24

As a communicator and storyteller, I can identify a story not too long after I start speaking to a client.  And most times, that brilliant story is not what I find when I do a quick Google search on them.  That's too bad, because a good story is what will make it easier for you to market yourself and by extension, your work.  And as studies have shown, we are naturally attracted to stories; they've even been proven to alter the brain.

What do you I mean by story, though?  Let's dig further into that.  A story is one that follows a compelling character (you); there's conflict and then there's a satisfying resolution.  Think of your favourite creatives or artists and you'll soon see that they all have a story that makes them stand out in one way or another.  Whether the story represents the full truth or not is another matter.  Think Steve Jobs and you are reminded of the humble beginnings of Apple computer in a suburban garage.  Think Oprah and you remember, a black woman overcoming the odds to building one of the most successful media empires in the U.S., never mind the world.

Here are some questions to ask yourself in order to identify YOUR story:

-What drives you to create?

-Did you have to overcome any hurdles to get to where you are today?

Did you have to give up or make any sacrifices?Who have been the naysayers in your life?-Have you won any awards or surpassed any major milestones?

Another shorthand for thinking about your story is to equate story with drama.  If your life was a movie, how would it play out on screen?  What is exciting or enthralling about it?  Where are the emotional moments?

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