Forget Productivity During the Quarantine

Forget about the people online raving about their newest single. Or the ones marvelling about the amount of time they have to develop new hobbies.

Release the pressure on yourself to create output. This is a left-brained way of thinking, the same one that drove us through our pre-quarantine days to focus first on work and then play. The one that nagged us after work, asking why we were too lazy to start on our next painting. This is logic and all it is concerned with are results that lead to success and that lead to money. Logic doesn't know what to do in unusual circumstances like this and its only recourse is to kick into overdrive and shout even louder, demanding that we pay attention to it, our reliable friend.

I was not productive the first weeks of the quarantine and what's more, everything I would normally do on a day-to-day basis didn't seem terribly important any longer. personal branding...what will become of all of it after the quarantine, my brain protested. My heart won out in the battle for my conscience and I decided to focus on what would make me feel good instead. I'm not judging anyone who is striving to be productive in this time; we all find different ways to cope with stress. What I am saying is to stop killing yourself if you are not being "productive", as society has so often dictated.

Now is the time to give space to your right-brain. To let it play, experiment and ask "what if". To do the opposite of what you would normally do as a creative. Take the standard routines that get you to the easel, the keyboard or whatever your sidekick of choice and flip them all around. And if you're wondering what it all means or how it connects in the long-term for self-promotion or marketing yourself or personal branding, know that this is part of the process and that when the times comes, you'll figure it out. Above all, trust yourself and trust your creative instincts. That's how we survive.